How To Finance Your Pool

Finding the right pool financing can make or break whether or not you can afford to fund your new swimming pool. When investing in a tremendous undertaking like building an inground swimming pool, millions of homeowners have successfully used lending institutions to fund their dream backyard.

The primary reason for the increased popularity of swimming pools has been ease of securing the necessary funds. Homeowners have come to a fast realization that the backyard resort of their dreams will not only enhance their home but provide years of enjoyment for friends and family alike. Whatever the dream looks like in their mind, odds are it will require a sizable investment of thousands of dollars.

To seriously determine the pool building budget that best fits your financial situation, use this free pool loan calculator.

Swimming Pool
Loan Calculator

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Our pool loan calculator will help you determine how much your swimming pool loan will cost you

While financing a swimming pool has become increasingly common across the United States, the myriad of programs and the very process of securing a loan may be confusing for many individuals thinking about buying a swimming pool. From home-equity loans to credit cards, there are several methods of financing to understand and you should carefully evaluate as many as possible before buying a pool.

Much like a buying a new house or car, the primary factor in determining how much money to spend on a swimming pool normally starts with the monthly payment. In other words, reasonably consider how much of your household budget you can monthly afford to spend on your swimming pool.

With the basic information you enter in our pool loan calculator, it becomes easy to run the numbers and project with some accuracy exactly how much your monthly pool loan payment will be.

Begin with a general notion of what an inground, gunite/shotcrete, fiberglass pool costs in your local area, and enter the amount you are considering to spend on the project.

Then, try out few different loan scenarios. You can modify the loan terms, the loan amount, and interest rate, or a combination of all three.

Pool financing assistance

Understanding various pool loans and securing the best one for you—based on your credit history and other variables—can require some research and effort.

You can tackle this on your own, but another route is to get help. It’s simple enough by contacting swimming pool builders in your area. Call and ask if they offer financing-related services and support in securing a pool loan (oac).

Depending on the state you reside, we can recommend a local pool builder that can build your pool and facilitate the loan-approval process to get the process going on your new pool. You can contact your local pool contractor or, get started by applying online here for a free credit pre-approval.

*This pool loan calculator is a free estimating tool only; it does not pre-qualify you for any loan programs nor does it guarantee that you will qualify for any pool financing programs or credit terms. This pool calculator performs simple computation, but it does not provide investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice.

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